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Our Mission & Vision

To bring Nephrology community of Mumbai together and to go beyond.

To make Association of Professionals practicing in the field of nephrology and allied basic and applied science.

To advance the knowledge, the study and the practice of the discipline of Nephrology, including the subject of the Paediatric Nephrology in every possible way.

To organize or participate in medical camps for early detection of Kidney disease and work in the field of preventive Nephrology.

To encourage research in the science of Nephrology.

To hold meetings, exhibitions and activities for public education and awareness about Kidney disease.

To hold meeting, conferences, continuous nephrology education (CNE), study circles or gatherings among nephrology professionals for the study and discussion of problems relating to and allied with practice of Nephrology.

To institute awards for young Nephrologists for undertaking research and presenting their work at the Annual Meetings / other forums of the Society.

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