‘Zero infections in the Dialysis Unit’: An initiative by MNG

Infections are the most common cause of hospitalisations and second most common cause of death after cardiac causes in haemodialysis patients. Apart from the patients ,the health care personnel associated with the dialysis unit are at a greater risk of contracting various health care associated infections including blood borne and respiratory infections. Infection control in the haemodialysis unit is one of the main-stay of a successful dialysis programme. The evident increased potential for transmission of infections in the HD settings makes it imperative for the  creation and implementation of specific and stricter infection prevention and control measures in addition to the usual standard precautions.

With this aim in mind, The Mumbai Nephrology Group (MNG) launched the “Zero infections in dialysis unit’ under the guidance of Dr Umesh Khanna and his team. A one day CME was held on 10th June 2018 at L.T.M.M.G hospital (Sion hospital) for dialysis technicians from all over the city. Prominent faculty from all over the city including Nephrologists, Infectious disease specialists, Infection control nurses  and senior dialysis technicians covered topics ranging from catheter related blood stream infections to handling of vascular access etc.

Dr Mukesh Shete and his team performed a wonderful skit highlighting the problems of dialysis in HIV patients.

The CME was attended by more than 400 dialysis technicians who learnt the various aspects of infection control in the dialysis unit.

We hope to conduct many more CMEs of this nature highlighting specialised areas of Haemodialysis.

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